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Simplify your space, Savor your life

Life can be simple. Begin and end every day in a space that is beautiful, uncomplicated and inspiring. Getting organized isn’t about structure and rules- it’s about creating simple systems that give you peace. Whether you want to invite your friends back over, enjoy your family and pets, or just have a cozy place to decompress, let’s work together to create a blissful environment for you!

A very disorganized kitchen drawer.A highly organized kitchen drawer.
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We Offer

  • Whole-house organizing
  • Small business organizing
  • Storage unit organizing
  • Pre and post-moving support
  • Digital organizing and coaching
  • Help going through the belongings of a loved one who has passed
  • Organizing kids and teens for school

How it Works

  • A quick, judgement-free assessment
  • Insight on what to keep, donate or toss
  • Hands-on, side-by-side approach
  • Tips and coaching as we work
  • Donation hauling
  • A detailed follow up
  • Humor, high fives and praise

Happy Clients

Here’s what our wonderful clients are saying about us!

A very disorganized basement
Messy basement before
A very clean and organized basement office.
Basement office after

Meet Eliza

The hardest part of any project is getting started; Eliza makes it easy!

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