Curious about what we do? Skeptical? Have a few questions you need answered about professional organizing services?

Why do I need to hire an organizer? Can’t I just do this myself?

Getting organized is worth trying on your own. Check out our Simplicana Store for our favorites, to get started on your own. If solo work is too frustrating, we are here to help. We are experienced, confidential and judgement-free allies in a process that can be messy, confusing, emotional, and physically exhausting. We are there to get our hands dirty, keep you focused and amused, listen to you, and empower you. When we take the donations off your hands at the end of our session, we can save you a huge errand that most people never get around to doing. We pay for ourselves: Together, we can find missing paychecks that were never deposited, hidden cash, and old bills threatening to increase if they had been hidden under the clutter for much longer. We also find many duplicates of items that you no longer need to buy over and over, because now you know where to find them.

Where are you based?

We are based in Kansas City, and operate all over the metro. Eliza loves to travel for work, and has clients in New York, Washington, D.C., New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Boston, Baltimore, Phoenix, Oakland and Los Angeles. We also offer video sessions!

I want to hire you, but I’m embarrassed.

We’re here to support and encourage you- we are a team! Simplicana services are completely confidential. We don’t judge, because judging isn’t productive or cool.

Where do my donations go?

In Kansas City metro we donate your items to SaversScraps KC, ReStore, Blessings Abound, KC Pet Project, MRC Electronic Recycling and local libraries. If we are working outside of KC, we can find a deserving charity in your community.

Do I get a donation slip?

Upon request, we can email you a tax slip for the charities we visit. We legally cannot calculate the worth of your donation for tax purposes, but we can itemize on the receipt, and you can calculate everything right here.

How should I prepare for our session?

Plan a fun way to spend all the time you will save when you’re feeling organized. Plan a fun way to spend all the money you save when you aren’t needlessly spending. Plan for great things! (We will also send you our very own Preparing To Organize document before we meet for the first time).

How do cancellations work?

If you need to cancel within 48 hours from our appointment’s start time, we will charge half of the amount that the full session would have cost. For example, if we were scheduled to work for four hours, we will charge a cancellation fee equal to two hours of work. When you decide to hire an organizer, it is with the understanding that both of us made a time commitment to each other. Once your appointment is on the calendar, that is a time frame that other clients no longer have the ability to choose from. Within 48 hours, it is difficult to fill a cancelled session. We appreciate your understanding! If you have any questions, please call the office prior to booking.

Should my children be present?

We love working with children! That said, you know your children, and whether or not to involve them or send them on a fun adventure out of the house while we work. If they are old enough to get excited about organizing it could be a great opportunity to teach them some organizing skills. It’s up to you! Our time is valuable, and it is advisable to remove adorable and well-meaning distractions.

I’m busy- can I just show you what needs to be done and then let you work on your own?

Absolutely. 90% of our clients choose to be present because they enjoy learning the skills and getting more done faster, but we can work independently too.

How does the out-of-area fee work?

If a client lives 25+ miles from our base in Kansas City, MO (zip code 64132), we may charge an extra fee to cover fuel and travel time. Using google maps to determine the distance, we charge 60 cents/mile only if you live farther than 25 miles away- if you are within 25 miles of us, there is no charge. Please keep in mind that these fees reflect one-way, and will be doubled to factor in a round-trip drive. We will discuss any travel fees well before our session so that there are no surprises. We also do video sessions if you are really far out of town.

I booked a full day with you (woohoo!). Do I need to feed you? Do we get to take breaks?

We bring my own nourishment so please do not feel like you must feed us! You can take as many breaks as you like, you’re the boss!

How much can we accomplish in one day?

You may be pleased and surprised at the end of our session with how much we have accomplished!

Here are three ways to get more done in one session:

  1. Before the first time we meet, we will send you a Preparing to Organize! document, which will include tips on how to best prepare to make the most of our time that day. The prep tips are optional, but those who follow the tips and take time to prepare get much more done during our organizing session.
  2. The more you let go of, the more we get done!  Here’s why: When you give something away, you have made one decision on it (it goes!). When you keep something, you make two decisions on it (1. Keep, 2. Where it goes). Therefore, more keeping = more time.
  3. Eliminating distractions: Arranging day care or dog care and putting your phone on Airplane Mode are great ways to do this!

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